When a customer walks into a dealership and buys a clear bra to be installed on their car - almost EVERY dealership in the country uses a third-party clear bra installer to
do the work and then hands the final bill to the customer with a 20-30% mark up!

It's a fact and there's no reason why you, the automotive enthusiast, should pay the inflated prices when you can go directly to the clear bra installer and get the job done yourself.

Here's a list of the local professional clear bra installers in your area:

JMH Associates
Phone: 205-752-4009
Toll Free: 800-210-3778
Clear bra installer(s): Morgan Holt
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406

Advance Shield
Phone: 205-903-5582
Clear bra installer(s): Mark Chadwick
Birmingham, AL 35215
Phone: 205-595-0140
Clear bra installer(s): William Cofield
Birmingham, AL 35222
Slick Finish
Phone: 205-252-6221
Clear bra installer(s): Leonard Slick
Birmingham, AL 35203
Auto Shield
Phone: 251-554-4289
Clear bra installer(s): John MacArthur
Daphne, AL 36526
Clearfont Auto Paint Protection Inc.
Phone: 334-793-6534
Clear bra installer(s): C. Jeanette Bateman
Dothan, AL 36305
Phone: 205-903-0935
Clear bra installer(s): Joe Zegarelli
Hoover, AL 35244
Auto Apperance Specialist, Inc.
Phone: 205-531-5400
Clear bra installer(s): John Bussey
Morris, AL 35116
Leading Edge Auto

Phone: 205-837-7874
Clear bra installer(s): Jason Peacock
Valley, AL 36854

Style Your Ride!

Protecting your vehicle doesn't have to be boring. There are other colors of film to choose from besides clear. Ask your Clear Bra installer about adding a shaded film to stylize your ride!

Car Owner Feedback

There are hundreds of clear bra installers on this site and the goal is to put auto enthusiasts in touch with reputable shops. Have a kudos or a complaint? Let us know! If it's a kudos, we'll post it; if a shop racks up too many complaints, we'll take their listing down.

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